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Turnkey Construction, Inc. uses its skilled labor, specialized equipment and hands-on experience to provide Shell Construction for other General Contractors. When you hire Turnkey Construction, Inc. as a Shell Contractor, you get the best of both worlds: the knowledge and experience of a Shell Construction expert combined with our size, financial security and reputation for quality.

Shell Construction forms the skeleton of your building, so it is critically important to make it as strong and sturdy as possible. It is never seen in the finished product, but it’s typically both the most important. It’s so important to have a trusted, Shell Contractor working on your project.

TurnKey Construction, Inc. is an experienced Shell Contractor serving though out the state of Florida. Our philosophy at TurnKey Construction, Inc. is to utilize the newest, most-efficient forming systems combined with professionally trained employees to ensure quality. TurnKey Construction, Inc. you can rest assured it will be completed with professionalism and to the highest standards in the industry.